All sweat is not created equal. Experience the difference of a deeply detoxifying sweat at CYL Sauna StudioSM. Time to sweat your way to better health.

An infrared sauna session at CYL Sauna StudioSM is a 30 minute (standard sweat) or 40 minute (super sweat) session where you lay in a Solo-system sauna pod and sweat away toxins, stress, and weight. When you arrive you will be asked to sign a waiver by one of our trained Sweat Technicians. Once you are checked in they will escort you to your sweat suite and go over how to use the pod, if you have any questions please be sure to ask them.  They will then exit the room and you can change into your swim suit or sweat clothing if you need to, then when you are ready get into the pod to begin your sweat session.  The sweat suites are individual private rooms (or double if doing a tandem sweat) that are dimly lit. Each suite contains a custom sauna table with the solo sauna pod on top and has soothing spa music playing throughout.  The sauna pod has a 4” memory foam pad that is waterproofed and anti-microbial that you lay on. We also lay down two towels that are changed and washed after every client.

Once your session begins you will notice that you will gradually start getting warmer and begin to sweat, this is your body warming up through the infrared heat.  One of our sweat technicians will check on you about 10-15 minutes into your sweat on your first sweat (you can request more or less), they will see if you need any water/a cold towel, ask if you need to go up a level or intensity or if you would like to decrease the level.  We have 9 different heat levels to accommodate all levels of clients so that they are comfortable.

At the end of your session you will hear a beeping/buzzing noise to let you know your session is over. Once you feel ready to exit the pod (we recommend lying there with the dome pushed down for a minute to get your heart rate down) you can change clothes and head to the front. We have water at the front for all clients, but we recommend bringing a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated during your sweat. We also have boxed water and coconut water available for purchase.* We also have one shower if you need to shower* at The Sweat House™, however it is recommended to wait 30-60 min. before showering to allow you to get the most of out of your sweat session by allowing your pores to stay open and continue flushing toxins.

Your head is not in the pod during the session, so you breathe room temperate air at all times. If you are claustrophobic you can always keep the pod down lower, you control how high it is up. If you have had an abdominal surgery, tummy tuck, c-section or breast augmentation, consult a physician prior to using a Sunlighten infrared sauna to ensure that it is approved for use.

69" L x 28" W x 18” H

*Locations may vary, not all studios provide a shower, or the exact products listed.


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