May 20, 2020

All About Alkaline

Alkaline has become one of the hottest buzz words in the health and fitness community. We are all about elevating your sweat and your water to change your life, which is a main reason we sell Flow water at our studios. Find out how alkaline water will amp up your hydration game.

Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen and it's pH level determines how acidic it is on a 0 - 14 scale. As a measure, anything with a pH of 7 is considered neutral. If water falls below 7 on the pH scale, it will be "acidic" and anything 7 or higher is "alkaline."

Flow alkaline water (available for purchase in studios) has a pH of 8.1, which is higher than tap water and bottled water. Drinking this alkaline water can improve your hydration and health from the inside out the more you drink! Even better, Flow is naturally alkaline, unlike some companies who create alkaline water without Mother Nature's natural assistance. Have it as is, add in some sliced fruit, use for coffee or tea, or even use it to make cocktails + mocktails.

Water from Flow is enhanced naturally with essential minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, and Biocarbonate, which will provide you with electrolytes regular water lacks and makes it alkaline. Our stomach acid is naturally acidic, which means drinking alkaline water can help with heartburn, acid reflux, kidney function, and digestion due to the higher pH levels.

Alkaline water will also help neutralize acid levels in your bloodstream. This can increase your oxygen levels and more oxygen means a revved up metabolism, better functioning organs, and increased energy. Not only will you start to feel great, you'll look great! Better blood flow will also assist you during and post work outs for optimal performance and recovery. Pair that with some sweat sessions and it will Change Your Life.

Staying hydrated will make your skin glow from within and will help produce more sweat...aka helping you release more toxins during your CYL sweat session. If you aren't properly hydrating or have pH levels that are too acidic, your skin can be prone to breakouts, irritations, dullness, and dryness - no thanks!

According to Flow, we will consume over 30,000 gallons of water in our lifetime. Time to Change Your Life and be more mindful of not only how much you drink, but what you drink to stay hot and healthy. Pick up some Flow next time you come into our studio for a sweat sesh.

* Information primarily provided by Flow. Further information about Flow or alkaline water can be found on their website *



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