April 7, 2019

All About Eucalyptus

We all know plants have that special power to transform our spaces, enhance our food, beauty and home products, and all around make our lives flourish! We’re putting our sweat spotlight on the can’t live without plant, eucalyptus. There are many benefits this plant offers to help you Change Your Life.

Eucalyptus comes from an evergreen tree that is native to Australia and there are over 400 species! You can keep this plant throughout your house (and even hanging in the shower) or use eucalyptus oil in many of your products to reap the benefits. People have been using eucalyptus for thousands of years to naturally treat a wide array of health issues. Not only can this plant be used as an antiseptic to clear up bacteria, but it’s perfect during Springtime to reduce your coughs, colds, and sinus congestion during allergy season. When used alongside sweating with us, you should see your allergy or cold symptoms clear right up!

When used in lotions, eucalyptus can even help joint and muscle pains. This plant even contains tannins and flavonoids, which are major antioxidants that help with inflammation in your body! Less inflammation means less pain, like one might experience from arthritis, muscle aches, or mild injuries. When used topically, you can help speed up your healing process of wounds, burns, and cold sores too. Make sure to always dilute the oil before use so you don’t irritate your skin.    

Springtime also means more mosquito bites. No worries, you can use eucalyptus oil topically as a natural way to protect yourself! Candles infused with this oil and adding a little oil into diffusers are beneficial to have inside and outside your home all year long. Feel free to bring your own wash cloth with you while you sweat infused with eucalyptus, lemon, and mint extract - you’ll feel like a whole new person after your sweat session!

If you still aren’t convinced about this magical plant’s power, you can use eucalyptus oil or infused lotion on your temples and neck if you’re suffering from a headache. This will also give you a small boost in energy! Use a few drops with water as a natural mouthwash to help prevent bacteria in your mouth that could lead to cavities or bad breath. Last but not least, add this oil into cleaning products to ward off mold and bacteria and a great natural product to use around animals and children.

Incorporating eucalyptus into your daily routine, along with sweating at CYL Sauna Studio will help you Change Your Life. We are here so you can stay hot and healthy because good things come to those who sweat!  



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