January 20, 2020

Change Your Gut Health, Change Your Life.

Gut health isn't always something that is top of mind, but there are major connections backed by research between your gut health and your mood, mental health, immune system, various autoimmune or skin issues, endocrine disorders, energy levels, and can even be linked to cancer. Change your life by changing your gut health.

Every human has a gut microbiome, which are microorganisms actually living in our intestinal track. Gut microbiomes can range from 300 - 500 different species of bacteria living in the digestive tract. Most bacteria in our microbiome can be highly beneficial and necessary for an overall healthy body.

What you eat and having a healthy gut go hand in hand. Foods high in fat, refined sugar, and items that are overly processed can all be linked to poor gut health because they destroy the "good" bacteria in our gut. However, if you stay mindful of what you eat, you will be able to improve the growth of "good" bacteria to change your health from the inside out.

Food that is high in fiber not only improves overall gut health, but will also keep you feeling fuller for longer, which in turn can aid in weight loss (or maintaining a healthy weight). For example, broccoli sprouts, beans, oats, various fruit, and legumes are a wonderful way to heal your gut and reduce internal inflammation.

The more plant based items you eat, the better your gut health will become. We're in luck because plant-based diets have been all the rage. There's a huge variety of plant-based items to choose from when we're at the grocery store, or shopping online. Just remember the more natural something is, the more nutritional value it provides. You wouldn't put the wrong gas into a car, so think of food in the same way to positively impact how you look, feel, and how your body functions.

There are other factors playing a large role in your gut and overall health. Having healthy teeth and gums will greatly impact gut health. There can be harmful bacteria growing between our teeth that can travel deep into our bloodstream and gut that negatively affects our health and wellness. Not only will our teeth look better with improved oral health, but you'll feel better too!

Yes, we all love sugary foods and drinks, but this sneaky ingredient is directly linked with altering your microbiome and overall health. The more (added) sugar in your diet, means the more bad bacteria that will be living in your gut. Added sugar will kill off the good bacteria that we want in our gut for improved health. Remember, there is a difference between processed, added sugar and natural sugar.

Grains, veggies, fruit, and fermented foods should all be a large part of what's on your plate every meal, while sugar and red meat should be eaten in moderation. Fermented foods, fiber, and bone broth are taking the spotlight when it comes to improving your gut health. Bone broth has a higher concentration of glutamine, an amino acid that will improve the cellular health of your intestines and gut lining.

Last but not least, sound can play a crucial role on our digestive system. There's a direct connection between the brain and our gut health. What you hear before, during, and after meals will impact how the body processes the food you eat. There's a special nerve, called the vagus nerve, that controlls our heart, lungs, and digestive track. Research shows there's a correlation with alarming noises and your digestive tract having spasms. Try eating in a calm, quiet area help your body digest food easier.

Pay attention to what you eat and how your body reacts for optimal gut health. Focusing on your digestive system will Change Your Life.



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