March 17, 2020

Change Your Life at Home

Now more than ever, we need to focus on our health and well being. Just because you're staying home and your typical routine is altered, doesn't mean you need to change the way you care for yourself and others around you. Here are a few tips for a healthier body and mind no matter the situation or location.

Yoga | Stretching
Increase blood flow, helps your body detox, + increase flexibilty, decrease stress or anxiety naturally, boost your mood, burn calories, reduce inflammation in the body, improve heart health, promotes quality sleep, could help relieve headaches, and it can be practiced anywhere.

Promotes emotional + mental health, use apps for all phone types to guide you through meditation sessions (like calm or headspace) reduce stress or anxiety, improve sleep, and decrease blood pressure.

At-Home Workouts
You can use household items as weights or even your body weight to burn calories and get a sweat in. Use apps on your phone for guidance, FaceTime a friend to be your work out partner, or head to Instagram for how-to's and live stories to get the heart pumping.

Audible or Read a Book
Listen to podcasts, download a book from Audible, catch up on reading a book or blogs, etc.

Essential Oil Diffuser | Light Candles
Essential oils are used in aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine using plant extracts, to support health + well-being. Inhaling aromas from essential oils or candles stimulate areas of your limbic system, a part of your brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviors, physiological functions, sense of smell, + memory.

Create a Schedule or Routine
Stay organized, productive, and decrease your stress levels with added structure.

Take time to Learn Something
Whether it’s for professional or personal growth, develop your knowledge base and improve yourself!

Laugh It Out
Watch a funny movie, video clips, or anything that makes you smile! Boost your mood, immune system + relieve physical tension / stress, or dace it out to your favorite song.

Video Meetings or Check in with Co-Workers, Friends, or Family
We are all here for each other, take this time to check in with a video meeting, Facetime,
phone call, email, or text eachother. Even a short text goes a long way

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and Spring clean! You can increase your mood + lower stress by having a clean, peaceful surrounding. Set items aside to donate in the near future to help those in need. Time to detox your space to Change Your Life

Bake or Cook
Time to get creative! This can be a therapeutic (+ delicious) way to relax and unwind. Try new recipes, meal prep, try making some plant-based options, there's no better time to experiment.

Create Something
Make music, sing, make any form of art, redecorate your home, express yourself - the options are endless here.

Self-Care + Restorative Sleep
Cuddle with your pet, journal what's on your mind, take a bath with epsom salt. Focus on doing things for yourself to boost your mood + remember to get enough quality sleep to improve your overall health (at least 7 hours or more).



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