May 4, 2018


Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, and we can't help but fantasize about all the wonderful foods we will be eating and drinking in celebration. However, we all know that a holiday comes with calories... lots of calories. Food aside, drinks alone can account for most of our calorie intake on a holiday. Not to mention, all of the added sugars wreak havoc on our bodies. So this Cinco de Mayo, we have decided to keep our drinks simple with this healthier margarita option. (Psst, it only has three ingredients!)

 Photo via google
Photo via google


-2 ounces Silver tequila

-Part fresh lime juice

-1/2 ounce agave nectar (or sweeten to your preference)

-lime or other citrus to garnish (And don't forget the salt...but keep it sea salt, or pink Himalayan)

That's it! Combine the three ingredients in a shaker with ice and add the garnish after you pour your celebratory margarita in your cold glass. Ahh... we can taste it now! Oh, and please drink responsibly.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!



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