May 11, 2020

Studio Reopening: What You Need To Know

We are excited to announce that select CYL studios are in the process of reopening. We could not be more excited to see our sweat squad again - with proper social distancing and face coverings of course!

We have been working diligently to prepare the studios to give you the safest experience possible. While our commitment to keeping our guests and Team Members safe has never wavered, our approach to doing so continues to evolve. Please see below how we plan to reopen our studio locations and always check with your local studio for further information.

Modified Hours :

Please check your local studio's Instagram for modified business hours. Modified hours are set in place to reduce client overlap and give our staff ample time to prepare each room between sessions.


Monday - Friday 8 AM -6 PM

Saturday - Sunday 8 AM - 4 PM

*Tandem sweats will be unavailable at this time.

We will no longer accept cash as a payment method. However we have added a new feature - you can elect to have a credit account using your card on file. For example, you can add $20 to your account and when it gets down to $5 it will charge your card on file to set you back at $20, This is perfect for a quick water and bar transaction or a retail purchase!

New CYL App :

You can download the app from the app store here . Book appointments, purchase sweat packages, communicate with us, and find locations with ease!

Introducing Dew :

Dew is our new AI feature you will see on our website, voicemail, and for text messaging. Dew can help you book, answer frequently asked questions, and help us communicate with you. You can now text or our studio at 615-436-8710.

Please note, online booking will now require a credit card at the time of booking, this will allow us to have contactless payment if you do not have a package.

New Clients :

All new clients will be emailed a New Client Information Form and waiver before their sweat session. Please fill out this waiver prior to arrival. If you arrive at our studio and still need to complete the form, we will resend you the link to complete!

Lobby Closed :

Our lobby is currently closed. When you arrive to the studio please text us “arrived” at 615-436-8710 and wait in your car. Please follow the text prompts from there. A Sweat Tech will preset your room for you, wipe and disinfect all surfaces on our way out, and then let you know via text what room number to head back to.

Once you are finished with your sweat session, please exit your room. Leave the towels where they are. We will take care of all the cleaning and the sanitizing of items.

Sweat or Retail Purchase :

If you need to purchase a sweat, snacks, drinks, or any other retail please find a “Stand Here” sticker on the lobby floor. This will give you the proper social distancing space for you and our Sweat Techs. You will be able to complete your purchase contact free with the card you entered at the time of booking. Please note, at this current time we will no longer have a complimentary water station, hard candies, or honey sticks. Snacks and beverages will still be sold in studio.

Retail is Still Available :

Ask your Sweat Tech to grab anything you are interested in purchasing. All staff members will be wearing face masks for the safety of our staff and clients. We strongly recommend that you do the same when you are outside of your private sauna suite before and after your sweat session. As a secondary measure, the studio now has HEPA air filters to purify the air, although everyone entering the studio will be wearing a mask.

UV Sterilizing Wands :

UV wands will be used over all surfaces in the sauna suites after each client to deeply sanitize all surfaces. This will be in addition to all surfaces being wiped down with antimicrobial cleaning agents. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the studio for your use.

Clients with Memberships + Packages :

We understand that we were closed for a lengthly period of time. Unfortunately, our system is not set up for a closure like that. We are manually updating all packages and memberships, so please be patient with us. We will be adding on 60 days to the expiration dates. Some items expired during our closure, so these will have 60 days from our opening to use them as well.

Memberships did not get charged during our closure. We will not be activating membership charges until July 1st. If you're a member and come in to sweat before then, we can activate your membership at that time.

Membership Pause :

We understand that not everyone will want to return right away, which is why we are offering the Membership Pause until July 1st. Please call or email your local studio for further Membership questions or concerns. We are here to help you Change Your Life!

Immune System Boost, All Sweat Is NOT Created Equal :

Sweat your way to a hot and healthy you! Did you know that raising core body temperature is key to boost your immune system. The saunas we use at CYL heat you up from the core, which raises your temperature differently than a fever.

Although, the increased body temperature from sweating in our saunas provides the same benefits, including white blood cell and T-cell production to ward off bacteria and viruses. Our saunas are the only ones to have been proven to raise the core body temperature by 3 degrees. Experience all the health and wellness benefits just after three or more consistent sweat sessions. Some even notice benefits just after one sweat session! Change your life by elevating your sweat.

Please reach out to your studio with any further questions regarding the reopening. We can't wait to have you detox and sweat your way to better health at CYL.



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