July 10, 2019

Fall Asleep Without the Sleeping Pills

In todays society, EVERYTHING moves at such a rapid pace. As a result, we often look for ways to cut corners and to get things done as fast as possible. There are so many companies and products out there that make it hard on us not to cut these corners. The stress from the pace of your day often times make it hard for you to get a quality night's sleep before we're off and running the next day.

Sleep is VERY important to our health. Many times, the importance of sleep and quality of sleep gets overlooked, pushed to the bottom of our list, or something we sacrifice to get things done. It's time to change your mindset on how you view the importance of a good nights sleep.

Many individuals rely on medications or supplements such as Melatonin to help get them to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Not only is this expensive, but you can become dependent upon these medications to sleep. We're here to give you a "wake up call" because there are simple and natural ways to help you fall asleep and wake up feeling great!

It's recommended that adults get a MINIMUM of 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Your body uses this time to recover to and reset. Not getting enough sleep affects you the next day, in ways such as your emotional state, thought process, reaction time, weaker immune system, stress levels, and weight... aka if affects A LOT!

Here are a few tips you can easily take towards a more natural and better nights sleep. For starters, sweating at CYL will not only help you sleep better but will also provide multiple health benefits that go hand in hand with a good nights sleep. You will even notice sleeping better after your first visit with us! Little things can play a big role. For example, only get into bed when your body is tired and ready to fall asleep, dim the lights in advance of going to bed to get your mind and body in the mood for falling asleep, and keeping a routine throughout the day and into the night will help your body to become naturally tired.

Let's talk about some everyday things that can affect your sleep in a negative way now. Your diet and what you drink will play a role in proper sleep patterns. Eating too close to bedtime or overeating will hinder your sleep. Drinking alcohol in excess prior to falling asleep messes with your REM sleep patterns. Bright electronics will stimulate you and will prohibit your brain from naturally secreting Melatonin.

Quality sleep looks different to each and every individual, whether you live in a busy city or live out in the country, we should all be striving to get the best nights rest we can because it plays a pivotal role in your short and long term health. Don't believe us? Come try CYL and let us know how you sleep the next night!!



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