December 10, 2019

Get Glowing Skin for the Holidays

Does everything seem to be shiny, bright, and glowing this holiday season expect for your skin? Winter weather will leave your skin dry, flaky, and dull. Although there are countless skin care routines out there, sweating in infrared saunas will safely promote healthy, radiant skin starting from within! It really is just as simple as sweating to change your life.

By sweating it out in our infrared saunas, you'll start to notice multiple health benefits even after one session. Sweating is a holistic and natural way for anti-aging benefits to get a more youthful appearance. Treat your body's largest organ with the attention it craves to look and feel hot and healthy.

Circulation will increase during and post sweat session. This will increase blood flow to your muscles, joints, and the skin's surface. Our blood vessels carry oxygen and nutrients that are vital to staying alive and will help promote cell regeneration. Faster cell regeneration also means fine lines and wrinkles will not be as prominent over time. Increased circulation helps detox your body from toxins we are exposed to daily that are trapped deep in our cells. Healthier blood means your body will function better and start to glow from the outside.

If you have any scars on the skin's surface, sweating will help minimize the appearance. The heat from our saunas penetrate deep within the body's tissues at the cellular level for maximum effectiveness. Infrared sauna sessions also remove built up sebum, or oil, on your skin which causes breakouts and acne. Your pores will open up to release dirt and oil with every session, leaving you with a post spa-like glow. Sweating will also reduce any redness or inflammation on the skin, so you'll look and feel your best!

Dark spots will get lighter over time due to cell regeneration, removing toxins, and increased circulation. Your skin's texture will improve too! It will feel hydrated, healthier, and softer with each sweat sesh. Higher levels of collagen and elastin will increase in your skin no matter your age, both of which diminishes as we get older. Infrared saunas are even used as an additional chronic illness treatment, or for any skin conditions.

Your stress levels will drop while you lay down to sweat for 30 minutes. Stress negatively affects the body in multiple ways and will greatly impact your skin's health and appearance. The more stressed out you are, means your hormone levels will spike. In turn, this will affect breakouts and the natural shine of your skin. A healthy body inside will lead to a healthy looking body on the outside. Change your life and overall health by sweating it out in our infrared saunas to GLOW from within every day!



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