February 5, 2020

Go Red for Women Day

February is the month of love and also American Heart Month. The American Heart Association has the core mission to support healthy hearts and our mission is to change your life for a hot and healthy lifestyle using infrared heat therapy. By sweating (at least three times a week) at CYL, you will change your life and your heart health - no matter your age.

Did you know cardiovascular disease is actually the greatest health threat in females? Heart disease causes 1 in 3 female deaths each year. When you break that down, that's one woman every minute! Don't stress too much because there are ways to improve your heart health and it starts at CYL.

Sweating at CYL will increase your circulation, improve your heart health, increase cellular turnover, improve sleep, lower stress levels, aid in weight loss, and increases serotonin levels to support your journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

This Friday, February 7th is Go Red for Women Day. This initiative from The American Heart Association is designed to increase awareness for women’s heart health and serves as a catalyst to advocate and change the lives of women all over the world - and we're all about changing lives at CYL.

The ask is to wear red this Friday to raise awareness for women's heart health. This campaign champions for all women to make a commitment to stand together with The American Heart Association to reflect and improve their own heart health, along with other females in their lives. Change doesn't happen overnight, but you can change actions overnight to lead to healthier long-term habits.

Ways to Improve Heart Health:

  • Sweat at least 3 times a week at CYL
  • Exercise regularly (at least 3 times a week)
  • Stand more than you sit
  • Get enough sleep (sweating at CYL helps with this!)
  • Improve eating + drinking habits
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Reduce stress levels (another sweat benefit) or meditate (during your 30 minute sweat sesh)
  • Journal, read, or find a creative outlet
  • Create to-do lists to stay organized + stress free
  • Focus on your breathing, take a deep breathe every so often - it helps more than you think!
  • Connect with nature, go outside, or bring the plants indoors
  • Keep track of your blood pressure to monitor changes

Small changes will start to add up to make a big impact on your life. Set goals, create a game plan, and work on achieving them daily to live a happier and healthier lifestyle - with a healthier heart! Go Red for Women and go get sweaty with us to change your life.



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