November 13, 2018


The holidays are here. Before you know it the season that is supposed to be a time for enjoying friends and family can be filled with stress. When the holidays hit, do you feel like you are rushing around everywhere, trying to juggle decorating, shopping, parties, travel plans, and then the stress of just regular life like making dinner?! Don’t stress the stress, there are ways that you can manage the holiday season. Lets commit to enjoying the holiday season more and freaking out a little less.

Embrace saying “no.”

Come on friends! We are all human and we can only do so much. I’m a natural homebody, so the more my calendar fills up, the more stressed I start to get. My advice is pick and choose which evens are important to you and fill you up, and what events you can miss. Decline politely- and don’t worry about saying “no”. People understand everyone is busy this time of year!

Perfection, let go of the idea.

With social media these days, it is easy to get caught up in the idea of perfection. The sooner you realize that perfect does not exist, the better. So what if your cookies don’t turn out perfect- guess what? That’s life. No one cares if you house isn’t perfectly decorated, what people care about is you and spending time with you- and the you who is not stressed out about everything being perfect is the happier best version of you!

Everything in moderation.

The holidays should be a time to enjoy your favorite treats mindfully- just don’t over do it. Don’t stress yourself out by starting a diet during the holidays! Depriving yourself will just end up causing you more stress. Instead try to eat a regular, balanced diet during the holidays and drink plenty of water.

The early bird gets the worm.

If there is something you can get done earlier rather than later, do it! This is a big help for me. My husband use to make fun of me for wrapping gifts before Thanksgiving (he’s the Christmas eve shopper), but I get stressed out if I leave things for last minute. Waiting until last minute and staying up all night to get things done will just make you more tired and stressed.

Carve out time for yourself.

The holidays can make us feel like we have no time at all because there is so much going on! Take a breath and remember to do something for yourself- it could be as simple as getting up five minutes early to drink a cup of coffee alone before the rest of your house gets up or scheduling a workout (or a sweat session ;).

Remember what the season is all about.

When I get stressed about everything going on during the holidays, I remind myself that the holidays are not about gifts or the perfect party outfit. They are about celebrating something special with your loved ones. Try to be in the moment while you are surround by love instead of stressing about trivial things.

Wishing you all a stress free holiday season!



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