July 13, 2020

How to Help "Maskne"

Have you heard of maskne yet? It's when your skin breaks out with acne from wearing your mask for long periods of time. We're here to help elevate your skincare routine and change your life.

First off, if you aren't wearing a disposable mask, make sure you keep cloth masks clean! Be mindful of washing your hands before and after putting on the mask to prevent extra bacteria. Try washing your mask at least three times a week. Use a mild detergent or an all natural soap, this will be helpful for those with sensitive skin. Remember, this is going over over nose and mouth, so the less toxic chemicals in your detergent the better it will be for your overall health when you wear the mask. Cotton masks are easier to clean and will be more breathable for your skin!

Make sure to have a sterile location to store your mask. Be mindful of wiping down the surface before placing your mask on it. You can always keep the mask in a plastic baggy or hang on a hook as well. Do not toss the mask in your bag with keys and money because they carry tremendous amounts of bacteria and should not be mixed.

Don't lather on heavy skincare products and makeup. Try keeping this area light and clean so your skin can breathe. Use a gentle cleanser, some moisturizer or serum, and SPF. Using a light moisturizer will prevent mask friction on your skin, which can cause more irritation without proper skin hydration. Make sure to exfoliate at least once a week. This helps with heavy skin or product buildup. Masks keep in the heat, so any product you're wearing will soak into your skin more. You might need to reduce usage of products around the mask area because of this.

Always wash your face right when you take your mask off. We know some of you might be on the go, so try keeping facial wipes with you or witch hazel and cotton pads to wipe down your face no matter where you are. We also sell essential oil wipes at our studio and great to keep on the go! Benzoyl peroxides, micellar water, glycolic acid, vitamin c or other serums will all help with breakouts. It's key to keep in mind the importance of keeping your skin, mask, and hands clean as much as possible and try not to touch or pick your face! As always, consult a dermatologist before using any new product to be sure it's safe for your skin.

Booking at least three sweat sessions a week will help remove toxins and sebum (oil) from your skin. You will increase circulation and your skin will have a post spa-like glow after every sweat sesh. Infrared heat will kill bacteria on the surface and has anti-again properties for your skin. It will speed up cell regeneration and heal wounds faster as well. You can literally sweat your way to improved skin health.

Looking for a cute new washable mask? We've got you covered! Ask our sweat techs for a CYL mask for purchase, they are breathable, have removable filters, and feel like a silky legging material. Elevate your health to change your life.



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