July 25, 2019

Importance of Workout Recovery

We all have different fitness goals. Getting our bodies to become faster, stronger, and fitter means taking the proper time it needs to recover between the gym. We have to remember that health and fitness has two equally important factors - working out and recovering.

When you tear your muscles down during your workout, they need time and the proper fuel to rebuild afterwards. Staying mindful of what you do after your workout to recover is just as important as putting the time in to train. We have a few key tips for optimal post workout recovery.

Infrared sauna sessions at CYL are the best place to start for workout recovery. The infrared heat safely penetrates your joints, muscles and tissue, increases circulation, and speeds up the flow of oxygen. This all leads to a faster recovery time because it helps flush out toxins and lactic acid buildup in your body at a faster rate. Along with that, sweating with us will aid in weight loss and lower your blood pressure. These are all factors that help the body recover post workout.

You are what you eat and the saying rings true! What you consume pre and post workout all factors into how you feel, how you perform, and how you recover. What your body needs to maintain proper functions will look different for everyone, but the key is don't over or under eat. Think of it like this, a car can't run without the right gas fueling it and the same thing is true when it comes to your body.

Sleep should always be factored into optimal workout recovery. This is the time your mind and body resets and restores. Lack of proper sleep can actually lead to health issues, no matter how healthy you eat or how many workouts you complete. Your body needs this time at night to rebuild the muscles you broke down during your workout.

Every day is a new opportunity to Change Your Life. We're all about living a hot and healthy one. Keep these tips in mind because a better recovery means a better workout the next day.



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