August 17, 2019

(Jade) Roll to Glow

Our skin is always first to show signs of aging. Although stopping the aging clock is impossible, there are ways to help slow it down in the meantime. Taking care of your skin daily should be of the utmost importance to maintain that dewy glow we once had in our younger years.

There are many ways to maintain your skin's health and appearance, some inexpensive and some that are pretty pricey. Let's start with watching what you eat and drink daily. Everything you put in or on your body will affect your skin from the inside out! Sugars, grease, dairy in some cases, not drinking enough water will all impact your skin in a negative way leaving it dull, dry, and can lead to breakouts at any age. Eating a balanced diet with tons of hydration, fruits, veggies, proteinn, healthy fats, etc. will help you glow from within! Not only will you look better, but you'll feel better if you fuel yourself with the proper vitamins and nutrients.

Another great way for beautiful skin is to sweat it out with us. Your body will detox from the cellular level, collagen production will increase along with circulation, and those clogged pores will open during your sweat sesh and flush out the built up sebum (or oil) on your skin's surface. Infrared saunas also have anti-aging properties and you'll leave the studio with that post facial glow just after 30 minutes of laying down to sweat.

Lotions, serums, and creams will always help hydrate your skin and renew it's appearance. You can amplify the application process by using a jade roller in your daily routine. Jade rolling will bring big results without the big price tag. Jade rolling will help relieve stress, roll out those wrinkles on your face, and reduce any puffiness you may have daily.

This stone roller has been used in Chinese medicine for generations to improve your health, cleanse the body, and acts as a way to detox and drain your lymphatic system. This small but mighty hand held tool will assist in removing toxins, tones your facial muscles, and can even relieve sinus pressure! It also soothes your skin, increased blood flow and collagen production, and stimulates certain relex points on your face to help heal you faster.

You can even put the jade roller in the freezer for a cooling experience, apply your fave lotion or serum to the roller, use at room temperature, or even run under hot water to warm your skin! The best part, this tool can be used all over your body, like on your neck, arms, or chest. You can easily store your jade roller in your makeup bag, or pretty much anywhere because it's about the same size of a standard kitchen spoon!

Change your life and your beauty routine by adding in a jade roller. You will notice results in just a few days and will have glowing, healthy skin.



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