August 7, 2019

Make Way For Monk Fruit

We all know sugar is the enemy, but sometimes can be the hardest thing to cut from our diet. Many food items and beverages we drink daily have natural and added sugars that keep us coming back for more. Monk fruit is an all natural alternative to add sweetness, change your life, and satisfy that sweet tooth without the negative affects of regular sugar!

Monk fruit is a small melon that grows in the China region. The fruit's name comes from monks who actually grew it many centuries ago. This sweet fruit has been the talk of the town among health and wellness experts.

When used as a sweetener, monk fruit has zero carbs, zero calories, will keep blood glucose levels stable unlike regular sugar, and naturally tastes way sweeter than sugar. It's a win - win situation! The FDA recognizes this sweetener as safe for children, teens, adults, and pregnant women without any side effects like bloating or gas. Diabetics can even use this fruit as a sweetener without having drastic changes to their blood sugar levels.

This all natural plant based sweetener comes in powder and liquid form and can be added to almost anything you eat or drink to give it an extra kick. You can find monk fruit sweeteners at your local grocery stores. Change your life by replacing your sugar intake with all natural sweeteners like monk fruit and you'll notice a difference right away!



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