July 18, 2019

More Than Meditation

Meditation and sitting in complete silence isn't for everyone. Although, there are plenty of other ways to calm your mind and body that will change your life.

Emotional and physical benefits do come from traditional meditation, like better impulse control, healthier aging, along with stronger physical and mental resilience. Finding time in our busy schedules for even a few minutes of meditation gets overlooked by relationships, family, work, etc. We get restless and so do our minds, always being plugged in and stimulated, we find it almost impossible to not get distracted, which makes traditional meditation seem impossible.

There are plenty of other ways to be present and find your calm without meditation. Laying down to sweat in our infrared sauna pods will put your mind and body at ease, with so many mental and physical benefits that come from sweating with us. You'll leave our studio feeling like you just left the spa, fully relaxed and recharged.

Along with detoxing and sweating at CYL, practices that incorporate focused movement can have the ability to deliver similar rewards as meditation - potentially even more rewarding for your body too! Meditation techniques make us aware of our breath, while movement practices like yoga, promote intense awareness of our bodies and breath that will stimulate and calm the brain. Yoga will help you become more mindful, put you in a calm zen-like state, and can even help improve your physical strength and memory. You will also notice anxiety reduction and an overall improvement in your mood. Both practices have the common concentrated effort to link the mind and body, but in different ways for each individual to change your life.

We are so accustomed to using electronics from the moment we wake up to the very moment we fall asleep. Another way to stay mindful without traditional meditation is to take some time in your day to unplug from these devices to focus on yourself, your breathing, and how you're feeling. No formal techniques are required here and it can be done almost anywhere! Even a few minutes of walking outside and connecting with nature (with no music or electronics) will instantly boost your mood and put you in that "meditative state".

Keeping a gratitude journal or diary is another unique way to "meditate" to become more present and greatfull. Sometimes we need that visual reminder of what we have currently and keep us motivated for what we are trying to achieve in our lives. The act of writing your thoughts down will lower stress levels and can even feel therapeutic.

There are countless tools to achieve a calm perspective with a more centered mind. The benefits of focusing on the mind and body go hand in hand leading to better health and a better way of life. There are many paths to change your life that can lead you to a more peaceful mindset. The mind is more powerful than you think and you can do anything you set out for!



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