March 30, 2018

Our Favorite Dairy-Free Cheese Alternatives

We all love cheese. It is just a simple human fact. Unfortunately, cheese comes with some side effects that are, well let’s just say, unpleasant. From weight gain and aging, to acne and clogged arteries, cheese certainly can wreak havoc on our bodies. But do not fear! We, at The Sweat House, have gathered our favorite dairy-free cheese alternatives to fill our cheese void, so we can go without… but not totally without.

If you’re into queso, Vegan Valley is hands down, in our opinion, the best vegan cheese brand on the market.  These cheeses are plant-based, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain no preservatives or trans-fats.  The main ingredient in Vegan Valley cheese is organic cashews.  Even friends and family do not realize they are eating dairy-free cheese when we serve this stuff at parties… It is that good!

vegan valley.jpg

Down for some pizza? Daiya has you covered.  Daiya’s new Cutting Board Collection is specifically made for pizza.  This cheese melts and stretches just like there real thing, and it tastes delicious! The Mozzarella is great for topping pizza, pasta, or… well, anything.  Seriously, we would put cheese on everything if we could.


Lasagna, lasagna, lasagna… oh, how we love thee.  Kite Hill’s Vegan Ricotta is almond-based.  This cheese only contains water, almonds, salt, enzymes, and cultures.  It comes really close to tasting like real ricotta!  If you are trying to stay away from dairy, Kite Hill is a great option for when you want to cheat, without really cheating.

hite hill.jpg

Cheese and crackers, anyone? Miyoko’s Vegan Cheese Wheels are incredible alternatives to the real thing.  These cheeses are dairy-free, lactose-free, cholesterol free, and are non-GMO.  Ranging from a variety of flavors, one can snack on double cream chive to smoked farmhouse.  Paired with your favorite crackers, these cheeses can’t miss.


Dairy-free cheese options certainly make it easier to cut out one of our favorite dietary treats.  If you’re feeling hesitant, just try it! You never know… it could become your new favorite go-to snack.  The best part? They are all available at Whole Foods!



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