October 7, 2019

Power of Protein

There's always going to be a fad diet that's all the rage, but let's not forget how important protein is for our bodies. If we properly fuel ourselves, you'll notice an increase in energy, how you look, and how you feel. We're all about small ways to change your life, the impact will be major.

Proteins are actually comprised of amino acids and is a macronutrient. That means, the body requires large amounts of protein to carry out daily functions, build, maintain muscle mass, and maintain a healthy weight. Although the body does produce some amino acids on it's own, it requires food to fill in for the amino acids it lacks.

A well balanced diet should provide enough protein for your body's needs. Remember, women and men especially at different ages, require different amounts of protein. Animal protein will always suffice, but don't worry, vegetarian diets can also provide the body with the crucial protein it needs without eating meat directly. You can even find protein in powder form, both plant based and non-plant based, to mix into your daily diet.

If the body doesn't have enough protein, it will actually weaken your immune system. On top of that, it will lead to low growth patterns and muscle mass and can be detrimental to your bone and heart health. Your energy levels will remain low and your body might actually respond by swelling in certain places. Did you know that pregnant women will require more protein in their diet along with individuals trying to build more muscle mass? If you're recovering from surgery or injuries a higher protein diet will lead to faster recovery.

You don't need large amounts of protein at every meal, just as long as you're getting enough daily that your body requires. You can space it out through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks to have lasting energy throughout the day and stable blood sugar levels. The key is to do what's best for you and your body will respond. The more you work out and come in for sweat sessions, the more protein your body might need to recover. Put back in what you are putting out.

Too much protein however, can lead to weight gain if your intaking more than your body needs or can burn off for fuel. Be mindful of what your eating throughout the day and how much energy you're exhausting. Try to eat plant based proteins more often than animal protein for less weight gain and improved heart health and higher energy levels. Plant based diets are highly beneficial for your overall health and even reduces inflammation. It's easier than you think to sub out a few meals per week with the same amount of protein intake!

Rethink your daily diet and if you're even getting enough protein throughout your day. You will start to see change pretty quickly when you change your dietary patterns to live a hot & healthy way of life (with more protein of course).



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