June 5, 2018

The Guide to Surviving CMA Fest

CMA Fest is here in Nashville, and fun is sure to be had! Whether you are working the events and shows, or attending them, it is important to remember to take care of your body and mind. We know that this week can feel chaotic amidst all of the fun and music, so we pulled together our best tips for surviving CMA Fest like a pro!

Remember to Hydrate

Hydration is key to ensure that your body will be able to handle all of the sun, fun, and alcohol.  Make sure you always have a water bottle in hand.  We recommend drinking more than the recommended 8 glasses per day durning CMA Fest.  Your body will be working hard to keep you cool in the sun, and you will sweat a lot! Not to mention, alcohol causes further dehydration.  Basically, water needs to be your best friend this week!

Wear Organic Sunscreen

This is super important! Make sure you protect your skin with a reliable sunscreen.  We wear sunscreens that do not contain harsh chemicals because it is better for our bodies and our health.  We recommend this sunscreen from Supergoop because it is oil-free and comfortable to wear and apply: https://supergoop.com/products/everyday-sunscreen

Meal Prep

We know… that sounds impossible right now! But if you are working events, this could be a life saver! While we are busy, it is easy to grab for whatever is most convenient, even if it is neglecting our health.  However, if you already have your healthy meal packed and ready to go, you will already have the most convenient option right in your bag!

Bring Healthy Snacks when Possible

Needing a quick bite? Well, you’ve got one since you came prepared! Having a healthy snack on hand is key to making better whole food choices this week.  We recommend packing RX Bars.  These bars are high in protein and contain only four ingredients.  They are super easy, super yummy, and super convenient!

Wear Comfortable and Supportive Shoes

Posture plays a very important role with how you feel throughout the day.  Wearing shoes with improper support causes everything to fall out of line and can lead to many health issues.  Onset issues that can occur this week are foot and leg pain, back pain, and headaches.  No thanks! We will stick with our sneakers!

Hit the Gym

Keeping your body and immune system up will be very important this week.  We know that the gym can be the last place you want to go during a busy week, but it can make such a difference in how you feel mentally and physically.  Not only will working out release stress, but it will also boost endorphins and make you happier.

Book a Sweat Session

Our sauna pods increase white blood cell count, which boosts your immune system and helps to prevent illness.  Being in large crowds, traveling, and drinking alcohol can lower your immune system, so it is important to keep it strong this week.  We definitely do not want to end up sick in the summertime!

Essential Oils are your Friend

Feeling tension? We have an oil for that! We always keep peppermint oil on hand to cool us down and relieve stress.  Bonus! The heat can cause headaches, and peppermint oil is great for relieving headache symptoms naturally.  Rub some on the back of your neck and temples, breathe in deeply for a few seconds, and feel the tension ease away.

Wear those Shades

The sun can wreak havoc on our eyes.  Make sure you always have your sunglasses on hand! Not all shades are equal, make sure they are 100% UV protection lenses and avoid looking up throughout the day.

Take your Vitamins and Supplements

This week, it is important to amp-up your vitamin intake.  Especially pay attention to taking vitamin C and vitamin B12.  Vitamin C will keep your immune system strong, and vitamin B12 will ensure that you are energized.  Being at optimal health is essential for being able to hop from stage to stage!

We hope you have the best CMA Fest yet! There are so many shows and events to attend, we can hardly wait! Remember to drink responsibly and have fun!



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