November 4, 2019

Sweat Out The Sniffles

Whether you're prepared or not, cold and flu season is here for the next few months. No need to panic though, sweating in infrared saunas can actually prevent the incubation of catching a cold or flu. You can sweat out the sniffles to change your life.

When your immune system is weak, that is prime time for viruses and germs to attack and affect your health. Sweating in infrared saunas will strengthen your immune system so you can live and hot and healthy life. If your body is exposed to germs or an infection, it will increase it's regular temperature so it's harder for those germs to multiply and spread throughout your body. That's why when we are sick, we usually have a fever to combat it.

When you're sweating at CYL, the infrared light from our sauna will raise your core temperature and penetrate human tissue for the deepest, most detoxifying sweat. This all happens at the cellular level too, so you aren't just heating up the surface area. Your raised core temperature will improve a multitude of health functions and more importantly, improve your immune system's health!

A stronger immune system also means a stronger fight against germs and pathogens that may have entered your body. You can actually prevent colds from harboring and spreading further just by a few sweat sessions. Our bodies and immune systems are heat sensitive, so they will react and start fighting off anything unwanted in the body in higher, hotter temperatures - like when you're laying in our sauna pod.

Infrared light will also promote faster cell regeneration and increases the development of white blood cells in your body. Your body will actually have more energy to fight off colds and germs with increased antibodies and white blood cells in your system.

As we celebrate our birthday every year, we might not realize that our immune system does too. Do you ever notice how you might not recover as quickly from a cold, or anything for that matter, as you did when you were in your younger years? Your immune system is aging and "slowing down" per say, with each year that passes. This is why taking care of yourself starts now, so you can change your life moving forward. Health should always be your top priority.

Another plus to sweating in infrared saunas, you will lower stress levels after every sweat sesh. Stress causes a huge negative impact on your immune system, health, mental state, and overall well-being. Added stress will most likely lead to catching more colds and developing health issues down the road! Stress produces cortisol in your body, which will diminish normal immune responses, which in turn leads to poor health.

There are so many health benefits to sweating, but most importantly, you will be able to have deep, restorative sleep. Proper sleep will reset your body nightly and fight off any colds that may be coming on. Sleep makes your immune system stronger with every restful night. Many of us have trouble sleeping through the night, or even reaching our REM cycle. Even after one sweat session, you will notice a significant difference in your sleep pattern.

Time to sweat out those sniffles to change your life. Don't go through this cold and flu season without a stronger immune system powered by a detoxifying sweat.



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