April 17, 2019

Sweat To Street

Most of the time (pretty much all the time) we wish there were more than 24 hours in a day because our to-do list always seems endless. Self care is extremely important for our physical and mental health along with our overall happiness! Sweating at CYL and exercising at least 3 times a week provides multiple health benefits for your mind and body and the perfect way to care for yourself. We are all about ways to positively Change Your Life so you can feel more balanced and healthy.

It’s so easy to constantly be on the go from work, to the gym, to a sweat session, to picking up groceries, running errands, etc. That’s why it’s important to stay mindful of your self care routine pre and post sweating - from sweat to street! We’re sharing some pro tips below to keep you feeling fresh throughout your day, even after you get that sweat in.

1. Keep an extra set of clothes in your gym bag or car

You’ll be surprised how often this comes in handy! Remember to bring loose clothing when you leave our studio because you WILL get sweaty! It’s always nice to leave your sweat session in fresh clothes and socks anyways as you continue your day or night and run around town. Having sandals and hair ties in your bag are very helpful, along with a post sweat “dirty” bag to hold all that sweaty stuff. A hat is always great because sweaty hair, don’t care!

2. Bring items to help you “clean off” post sweat

These items will hold you over until you have time to take a real shower or bath, but very helpful in the meantime! We all know dry shampoo is life, makeup wipes, face mist, deodorant, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, oil absorbing sheets, Power Shower spray(it’s a shower in a spray bottle), baby powder or Foot Sense natural shoe powder, witch hazel (to help soak up sweat + oil + tones your skin)Good Wipes (natural body wipes) Face wash, Sunblock + moisturizer is always a great go to after you wash your face! You can even keep a washcloth in a plastic bag and add some drops of essential oils and cold water for some post sweat happiness and freshness.

3. Quick Dry or Cooling Towels + Odor Balls

This is great to have in your purse, backpack, gym bag, etc. These towels are small enough to roll up and bring anywhere and the perfect accessory post sweat! Cooling towels really help your body go back to normal temperature post sweat and great even year round. Odor balls(like ones from Arm & Hammer)will keep anything smelling fresh and neutral no matter how sweaty your clothes and shoes are. It’s always helpful to have a “clean bag” and a bag for your “dirty items”

4. Healthy Snacks + Hydrate

HYDRATION IS KEY!! We can’t stress this enough how important it is to keep yourself hydrated pre + post sweating. Better hydration means you’ll have a better and more detoxifying sweat session with us. It’s recommended to drink 64oz or more of water on a daily basis. Not only do we sell the perfect CYL water bottles to keep you refreshed, but we sell products in studio like Flow water, Vital Protein collagen + collagen water and Nooma drinks to provide your body with hydration, electrolytes, vitamins, and more! Protein bars + shakes, nuts, fruit, nut butters, etc. are all great healthy snacks on the go to refuel throughout the day. You want to keep your metabolism burning so your body doesn’t end up storing fat or taking vital nutrients from your muscles and bones due to lack of proper nutrition. We want you staying hot and healthy! Our studios are always stocked with the perfect on the go healthy snacks.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind when you’re getting ready for your sweaty day ahead. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t be more mindful about your pre and post sweat routine. What you do before and after sweating is just as important as what you’re doing while you sweat. We believe in the power of sweating and detoxification. We believe the small changes will make a big impact for a hot and healthier you. We believe that getting sweaty every day will help you Change Your Life. Hopefully we made it easier for you to get sweaty and still feel refreshed and clean post sweat so you can take on your day! Remember, good things come to those who sweat.



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