May 29, 2019

Sweating for the Wedding

Summer is almost here and that means wedding season is in full swing! Whether you're planning your wedding, or helping your friend plan, a few sweat sessions with us will go a long way on the road to the altar!

You either popped the question, said "yes", or might be in the bridal party and can't wait for the wedding day to finally arrive. Most brides, grooms, and bridal parties set fitness goals so everyone looks and feels their best on the BIG day. Sweating at CYL, along with exercise, changing bad habits, and eating a balanced diet will help you reach those goals. We fully believe in changing your life by sweating out harmful toxins (detoxification) and reaping the multiple health, mental & wellness benefits from sweating in our infrared saunas.

We totally get that wedding planning can be a very stressful time for the couple, the families, and your friends involved. This might even start keeping you up at night tossing and turning, sometimes even over the smallest details! Well, take a deep breath because at the end of the day it WILL all work out, the wedding and all those tiny details (including the Bride + Groom) WILL be beautiful.

Sweating with CYL will help you sleep better, lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress, rejuvenates you from the cellular level, and many more incredible benefits to live a hot and healthy lifestyle. We couldn't think of a better way to prep for a wedding and continue to change your life for the better the more times you visit us. Better yet, we have multiple packages and memberships to fit whatever works best for your schedule!

Not only can you enjoy a session in your own personal sauna studio room, you can bring your fiancé, family member, friend, or anyone else you want to sweat with and book a Tandem session. The Tandem room has two infrared sauna pods right next to each other, which creates a fun and memorable experience together! Looking for something to do with your bridal party? Reach out to us ( to book multiple rooms at once so you and your squad can sweat at the same time and enjoy refreshments pre + post sweat. This would be perfect before your bachelor and bachelorette parties, the week of the wedding when you have everyone together, and definitely after the wedding to help recover from a long night (or weekend).

We saved the BEST part for last! We have "Sweating for the Wedding" packages exclusively for Brides and Grooms. Enjoy 3 months of unlimited sweat sessions for $349 or 2 weeks of unlimited sessions for just $99...time to say "I DEW". Good things come to those who sweat and we are here to help you prep for the big day ahead. Sweat out the wedding planning stress with us and please reach out with any further questions on our packages. We can't wait for you to sweat with your sweetheart, cheers to (the hot) and happy couple!



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