April 28, 2018

The Secret to Naturally Improving Your Allergy Symptoms

Spring is such a beautiful time of year! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and… Oh yeah, we’re all sneezing. Allergy sufferers know the struggle once April comes to town. We love spring and want to enjoy this season of new beginnings, but the constant itching and sneezing can put a damper on things. Loading up on Claritin isn’t always the best answer for our body’s health and well-being, but what else are we supposed to do in order to live our daily lives? Don’t worry, your Sweat House girls have you! We know of a natural solution that can improve or completely eliminate your allergy symptoms. Drumroll please… far infrared heat!

You read that right! Our pods can be used to treat allergy symptoms.  Let’s break it down and get technical with it.  The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) consists of parasympathetic and sympathetic components that work together to control things like, heart beat, digestion, and immune response.  However, sometimes these two components can inhibit one another when they work together.  When this happens, the system becomes over responsive and causes allergy symptoms.  This leads to the body triggering things, like pollen and pet dander, as harmful, opposed to safe.  Studies in Thailand and Russia have found that far infrared heat greatly improved allergy symptoms in their patients.  The study in Thailand showed that the infrared sauna can actually shift our ANS, drastically improving symptoms.  The study took place over a six week period, and patients used the infrared sauna three days per week for 30 minutes - The length of one of our standard sessions!


At The Sweat House, a large number of our customers come in to treat allergies.  Not to mention, so do your sweat techs! We find that our itching and congestion subsides the more we sweat.  We don’t know about you, but sweating and improving our health during a session sounds a lot better than loading up our body’s on allergy medication.  So if you are suffering this season with allergies, don’t hesitate to book your sweat session.  It could be your answer to spring sanity! It has definitely been ours!

Source: https://infraredsauna.com/blog/infrared-sauna-and-allergies/



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