June 22, 2020

Time for Tea

We all know drinking tea elevates our health from within, but you can also reuse those tea bags around your home to brew up some added benefits! Be mindful of your environmental impact by saving your tea bags after you sip down that cup of tea with these useful tips...

  1. Natural Plant Food - Keep an eye out for loose leaf tea or biodegradable tea bags so you can compost them. They will also make excellent food for your house plants! Once you steep your tea, sprinkle the used leaves at the base of your plants and mix it into the soil to promote growth and keep mold at bay.
  2. Reduce Swelling - Elevate your at home spa and be more cost effective mixing in tea bags to your beauty routine. The tea will act as an astringent, making your skin contract. Remove the tea bag from the hot cup of water and set it in the freezer to chill. After a few minutes (or longer), place the bags under your eyes or right on top of your closed eyes to reduce inflammation, swelling, or redness. Green tea works best or chamomile, but almost any tea will work out great! Pro Tip: If you get an eye stye or infection, use a tea bag for a natural way to recover.
  3. Tame Smelly Areas - After drying out your used tea bag, place them in a ring dish, on a coaster, or even in a bowl or cup in the back of the fridge, drawers, or closet to absorb odors. You can even use the tea bags in the trunk of your car, or smelly running shoes. Just make sure the bags are dry before doing so. You can use the leaves to soak up smelly spills, but be careful because they might stain the surface depending on what you use it on.
  4. Cleaning Solution - Rub slightly damp tea bags on your glass surfaces, such as mirrors or windows, and metal surfaces to get rid of dirt, rust, and fingerprints. Black tea will actually prevent rust from showing up on your pots and pans. The tannins in the tea leaves prevent metals from oxidizing. After every wash, rub your damp used tea bag on the cookware. Pro tip: Soak a greasy dish in hot soapy water with a few tea bags to speed up scrubbing time!
  5. Pawfection Protection- Hold a room temperature used tea bag on your dog's paw before or after a long walk outside. It will keep their pads healthy and soft during the hot Summer months or prevent damage during cold Winter months. Try using a caffeine free tea incase they start licking it afterwards.
  6. Soothe a Sunburn - It's officially Summer, which means a higher chance of sunburns. The used tea bags will help skin that was burned by the sun, a razor, or a thermal burn, chapped, bruised skin, or skin with rashy areas. Natural polyphenols and tannins will constrict your blood vessels, reduce inflammation, and ultimately speed the healing process. Once again, black tea or green tea will work best. Tea bags can even help on poison ivy rashes. Pro Tip: take a hot bath with a few tea bags and a tiny bit of epsom salt to really soothe your skin.

Used tea bags can be kept at room temperature for a day or two, but nothing longer. However, you can freeze or refrigerate the used bags to prevent mold and bacteria growth. Remember, tiny adjustments in our daily routines can have a major impact on the environment and ultimately our overall health. Sometimes natural remedies are the best remedies to elevate your wellness and change your life.



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