June 18, 2020

Top Foods for Healthier Skin

Our skin is the body's largest organ and actually a great indicator of your internal health. The more you hydrate, sleep, exercise, detox + sweat it out, keep a clean beauty routine, and most importantly - be mindful of what you eat so you can glow from within! A healthier lifestyle will always lead to healthier skin, overall improved health, and an increase in energy levels.

We all know having a beauty routine for healthy skin is crucial, but you can actually consume skin-boosting food along with applying them topically to soak up all the benefits. The old saying rings true, you are what you eat! As always, listen to your body, what it needs, and how it reacts to everything you do daily to elevate your wellness.

Hyaluronic acid has been a buzz worthy ingredient in the beauty and wellness community for a while. This hydrating ingredient isn't just for topical use - you can actually eat it! Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture and is naturally in our bodies already, but we lose it as our bodies age. Not only will you improve the skin's appearance using this topically, but consuming hyaluronic acid will allow the body to continue to produce it naturally. This will also improve connective tissue and joint health. Foods that contain this include, bone broth, leafy greens, citrus, tofu, sweet potatoes, and other starchy fibers.

Vitamin A in your diet will contribute to noticeabley softer skin with a radiant glow. If you consume food with beta carotene, it will help produce higher levels of vitamin A for maximum benefits. Foods such as carrots, squash, grapefruit, leafy vegetables - the darker the better, orange and yellow fruit + veggies, eggs, fish, and grass-fed meat. If you can eat these items paired with healthy fats, like oils or avocado, your body will absorb the nutrients better.

Vitamin C seems like the end all be all when it comes to ingredients that will elevate our health and wellness. When applied to the skin, this vitamin brightens, even tones, fights free radical damage, and improves collagen and elastin production. When you eat vitamin c, it will boost antioxidant levels fighting free radicals internally. Your body will produce more collagen, boost the immune system, fight inflammation, and will absorb more iron. Focus on eating fruits, like citrus or berries, broccoli, peppers, brussel sprouts, kiwi, cherries, tomatoes, kale or spinach.

Resveratrol, a powerhouse antioxidant that originates from berry seeds and grapes. In beauty products, it will neutralize UV damage and free radicals and brighten your skin tone. When added into your diet, it will be metabolized by the body fairly quickly, reduce inflammation, and help with oxidative stress. Incorporate a little bit of red wine, like malbec, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, peanuts and other various nuts all contain resveratrol.

Omega 3 fats are known as "healthy fats". When you eat omegas, your skin will retain moisture and glow from within. It will also reduce inflammation levels, improve brain, heart, and eye health, and can even improve your sleep and mood. Try various fish, tofu, walnuts, avocados, basil, hemp hearts, flax, chia seeds, fish oil, krill oil, or cod liver oil.

Next time you're prepping a meal or purchasing some new skincare products, keep these ingredients in mind so you can shine bright! A rule of thumb - if you "eat the rainbow" with natural, fresh food on your plate with a variety of color, just like a rainbow, you will start to look and feel your best! Time to elevate your wellness, elevate your sweat, and change your life.



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