June 27, 2019

Ways to Help Anxiety, Naturally.

Anxiety can happen to anyone with so many daily stressors we are exposed to. Instead of reaching for medication right away, try these natural remedies to help reduce your stress and anxiety. Health starts from within and physical health is just as important as mental health. A little self love and self care goes a long way! Taking the time you need to relax and recharge will ultimately lead to a healthier life.

First and foremost, sweating in infrared saunas will lower your blood pressure, relax your muscles, and reduce your stress, which ultimately helps with reducing anxiety. Sweating at CYL also helps you sleep better throughout the night, letting your brain rest and body recharge. This will all help lower cortisol levels, which has an important role in helping the body respond to stress and manage blood pressure. When cortisol levels are normal, it increases the body's metabolism and reduces inflammation. Exercise will also help your overall health and well being. Twenty-one minutes is about how long it actually takes for exercise to help reduce anxiety, according to some studies.

CBD oil and other CBD products are another great way to curb anxiety naturally. Our studios sell CBD oil and you can find other products that fit your needs from reputable vendors. This oil is derived directly from the hemp plant with all the benefits without "the high". Studies suggest that CBD may be able to minimize and even eliminate seizure activity, reduce anxiety and depression, manage pain, fight some cancers, and provide anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective effects that could potentially be beneficial for conditions like Alzheimer's disease and arthritis.

Chamomile and green tea might help calm you down. There are compounds in chamomile that bind to the same brain receptors similar to how drugs like Valium works. Green tea not only has a ton of antioxidants for your body, but also has amino acids like L-theanine, which helps curb rising heart ratse and blood pressure. Green tea also helps with maintaining a healthy weight and aids in weight loss!

Lavender will help with stress, anxiety, and help you sleep better! You can add lavender to food or beverages, use this oil in a majority of your daily products, the options are truly endless! Lavender candles can be a great place to start and perfect for any time of the day. We recommend bringing some lavender oil on a washcloth to use during your sweat session to really get you in the zen mode. You can even use cool water on the washcloth and lay it on your forehead post sweat for the ultimate cool down.

Simply practicing your breathing will help de-stress you. Yoga breathing, when you slowly breathe in, hold for 3-5 seconds, and breathe out, has been shown to be effective in lowering stress and anxiety. Fueling your body with proper nutrition, vitamins, and plenty of water is another great way to naturally curb anxiety. Your body is mostly made up of water and without a good amount of it, our bodily functions will not work as well when we are fully hydrated. Better hydration also means a better sweat sessions with us (and more toxins released in your sweat!) Sugar and refined carbohydrates can actually make your anxiety worse and cause your blood sugar to spike and drop drastically.

Keeping your space clean and keeping a to-do list will actually help you stay organized and a way for you to manage that build up of stress. Take one thing at a time with a clean and organized environment will subconsciously make you feel more at ease and help you stay focused better on the task at hand. Plants will not only purify the air around you, will look great in any space, but will also help you feel less anxious when you're connected to nature (even if it's a small succulent on your desk).

Lastly, sleep is something that should be taken very seriously. There are countless reasons why getting at least 6 hours (which we know can be a struggle) will help you live a healthier life all around and helps with anxiety levels. Not getting enough sleep actually creates a higher risk for developing diseases or other health issues. Time to change your life and make sleep, your health, wellness, and mental well being a priority!

These are only a few of many ways to naturally assist in lowering your anxiety. It's always helpful to talk to someone about how you're feeling mentally to get whatever help you may need. Remember, it's ok to reach out to others for help, this doesn't mean you're weak or broken...we stopped being perfect yesterday. We want to help you change your life by sweating, detoxing, staying mindful, focusing on the inside so your life can be a happy an healthy one!



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